Felony DUI Defense in Illinois

An aggravated DUI or a conviction of a felony DUI will have severe consequences and permanent repercussions on an individual. When one gets convicted for a felony DUI, it stays on an individual's criminal record for their whole life. As a result of a felony DUI conviction, the accused can serve prison time. Their driver’s license can be suspended for years.

Our job at Naperville DUI Lawyers is to offer aggressive felony DUI defense in Illinois to clients facing felony DUI charges. We aim to get the best outcome for our clients. It may be a plea bargain, while it may be a dismissal of all charges for others. Every client’s case and the facts surrounding the case are different, and we treat them all uniquely. When we defend you, we know that we are protecting your freedom, your career, and your rights.

If you or a loved one is facing felony DUI charges in Naperville, Illinois, we can help. Give us a call. We will review your case and advice you on the best possible options.

You Can Choose Naperville DUI Lawyer to Defend You

In Illinois, a person who drives or is in actual control of a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be found guilty of a DUI. There are unique instances whereby DUI charges will be treated as a felony. When a person has committed multiple DUI offenses, the charge can result in being a class 2 felony that can result in the offender being awarded three to seven years in prison.

In Illinois, here are offenses that would warrant an individual to be charged with an aggravated DUI:

  • Driving under the influence without a vehicle liability insurance
  • DUI without a permit or valid driver’s license
  • DUI with a minor under the age of sixteen in the vehicle and they get injured
  • As a result of a DUI, death occurs and can as well be referred to as reckless homicide
  • Injury or bodily harm as a result of a DUI
felony dui

As a result, you will be facing severe punishments and penalties for an aggravated DUI conviction. As the Naperville DUI lawyers, we advise you to seek help from the best DUI attorney in Chicago. This way, they will be able to secure the best possible outcome when they defend you. Here are some of the likely consequences when you have been convicted of a DUI:

  • Your License can be revoked.
  • Your license can be revoked, and you may have to sever a minimum prison sentence of ten years if you are being convicted for a third DUI.

An Experienced criminal defense attorney who has been in and out of court representing individuals with felony charges can help you avoid severe penalties.

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We Can Help You Fight DUI Charges

The lives of so many individuals have been changed after a felony offense conviction. Some people have had to change careers, and some have become unemployed and without a driving license. Different approaches can help change the fate of your case. At times a plea bargain can be presented as an option if negotiations go well. The plea bargain can result in your charges getting reduced.

After a thorough investigation is carried out, it is possible to find errors during the application of DUI laws or when law enforcement procedures were being carried out. Finding errors can work to your advantage. You need to have an experienced criminal DUI lawyer working on your case so they can be able to build up a strong defense for you.

When You Contact Naperville DUI lawyers, we get to work right away to develop the best defense for your case.

We Handle a Variety of DUI Cases

We work on a variety of different cases and have experience in administering chemical tests. Some of our lawyers have been on the prosecution side and know tactics that prosecutors are likely to use. You can trust us to defend you and get you the best outcome. Schedule your initial consultation today!