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According to the 6th amendment in the US constitution when a person is facing a criminal charge they have a right to an attorney who will represent them during the trial period. The lawyer is supposed to represent them from the time of the arrest until a ruling is made on the case.

Despite the crime that an accused person is facing the legal counsel should do everything in their capacity to give the best defense to the defendant. An Oak Lawn DUI lawyer should not let their personal feelings or opinions about the client or the case dictate how they are going to represent them.

A defendant or accused person is the person who has is facing criminal charges. The burden of proof lies with the prosecution and the government. They have to prove that the defendant is guilty of a DUI. For this reason, you need to hire the services of an Oak Lawn DUI lawyer to represent your case and prove your innocence.

When you have been accused of a DUI crime for the first time you may not know when you should hire an attorney and which attorney to trust. At such a crucial time in your life, you should trust experienced lawyers who are concerned about getting you the best outcome. We can help you out and we are just a call away.

When to Hire a DUI Defense Lawyer

When you are facing DUI criminal offenses that have may have serious consequences like jail time and have the potential to affect future employment get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer immediately. Most people may be worried about the cost that they will have to incur as a result of hiring an attorney, but hiring an attorney earlier on in your case can help you cut costs.

Oak Lawn DUI lawyer

Depending on how serious the crime is the consequences will be severe. For you to fully understand the charges that you are facing talk to a lawyer before you get arraigned. There are people who would prefer to represent themselves in court during a DUI case, but it is never a good idea.

Here are some of the instances when you need a lawyer.

During Arraignment

The arraignment stage is when you make a plea. You can choose to plead guilty, not guilty, or not to contest. Depending on the factors surrounding your case and whether you are guilty of the crime or not your attorney will advise you on how to plea.

At this stage, your lawyer will as well try to get you released on bail if you were being held in a cell.

If you choose to plead guilty or enter a plea bargain you will need a lawyer to negotiate a favorable term since a sentencing date will be scheduled. If you choose to plead not guilty the lawyer will be with you during a pre-trial.

During a Pre-Trial

In the pretrial period, a solution or a plea bargain will be sort. If pretrial does not result in a plea bargain and a solution is not found your case will be heard by a trial jury or an appointed judge.

The lawyer will try to get a case dismissed due to a lack of evidence. However, if you do get a plea deal the lawyer will try to get you a shorter jail sentence or probation instead of getting jail time.


You will work with your lawyer to find the best strategy to use in your case. Your attorney will represent you in trial. They will cross-examine witnesses and present evidence on your behalf. They will work on showing that the burden of proof is not enough to convict you of a DUI.

The Cost of Hiring an Oak Lawn DUI Lawyer

The best way to secure your finances and make sure that you do not have to spend on a criminal DUI lawyer is not drinking and driving or to avoid driving while being intoxicated. When you are driving under influence you have a high likelihood of harming yourself, other people, and getting arrested. A DUI conviction can be expensive. After a DUI criminal conviction, you will have to pay legal fees, your insurance costs will be raised, and other factors.

A first-time DUI offense is seen as a misdemeanor. However, depending on the issues surrounding the case a first-time DUI offender in Oak Lawn Illinois can spend over ten thousand dollars in their case.

Criminal defense lawyers do not come cheap. An uncontested plea will cost you two thousand dollars in legal fees while a lengthy process will be much more expensive.

The average national hourly rate for a criminal defense lawyer is two hundred dollars. There are clients that will pay a hundred dollars to one hundred and fifty dollars an hour on the lower end. Other clients will pay three hundred to three hundred and fifty dollars per hour on the high end depending on their case.

The cost estimates of a lawyer will vary depending on the lawyer and whether your case is a misdemeanor or other if you are facing other additional convictions.

Also, depending on the lawyer you hire you will pay a flat fee, an hourly rate, or retainer.

Even a first-time offender can face serious charges and consequences for a DUI. When you are facing driving under influence criminal charges in Oak Lawn you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who has been working on DUI cases to represent you. At Naperville DUI lawyer firm we implement different strategies so charges will be dropped, the case would be dismissed, and or to reduce the severity of your punishment.

We can tell you more about the options you have when you schedule a free initial consultation.

Understanding The Possible Consequences of a DUI

When you are charged with a DUI it is important to note that the consequences that are likely to follow.

After being convicted of a DUI you will possibly serve a one-year prison sentence and pay a fine of $2500.

Within five years of a previous violation and as a second offender one will serve a mandatory minimum of five days in prison or two hundred and forty hours of community service.

A man being arrested for a DUI

The charges will further increase if you have a third or fourth DUI criminal record. The consequences of convictions and penalties will be severe if the defendant keeps getting a DUI conviction. Depending on the severity of the DUI charge an individual can lose their driving privileges for a certain period of time.

In order for you to have a better outcome you need you should have a qualified criminal defense attorney offering you legal representation. Our experienced lawyer is ready to offer you our help. We will evaluate your case and work with you to determine the best approach and strategy to use so we can get you the best outcome.

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We know how stressful and emotionally draining it can be when you have been accused of a crime and have to go through trial. During this period you will need an experienced traffic lawyer who has your best interest at heart. A dedicated criminal law attorney cares about what happens to their clients. We value our client-attorney relationship and we treat the information they give us with the utmost confidentiality.

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